Why you should opt for Premium Solar brands

Standard solar panels available in the Australian market have a maximum efficiency of around 16-18%. One of the most popular “value for money” options sold in the Australian market are Canadian Solar, which is just a touch more than 18% efficient according to its official data sheet. Some solar panels have a higher level of efficiency, even approaching 23% like the premium solar panel brand- SunPower. These solar panels model X22 series have a max efficiency of 22.8%. A higher maximum efficiency solar panel will generate more electricity. Premium solar panels are more technologically efficient and the higher cost of these premium solar brands reflects that extra efficiency.

SunPower panels have proven to have a lower failure rate than standard solar panels. The company claims that their cells are designed such a way that 85% of the reasons conventional solar cells fail are eliminated because of the manufacturing design followed by this premium solar panel brand. The main problems that usually occur with conventional panels are that the frame can be loose and let moisture seep in, or potential induced degradation can occur where the cells react with the aluminium frame that can lead to cell failure. These problems and many others have been greatly reduced by SunPower's superior manufacturing process. They are simply better made solar panels that are guaranteed to last longer thus giving them their rightful position as a premium solar panel brand.

At One Solar, we only deal with the most reliable and premium brands to ensure our customers top quality for the systems they purchase. The majority of the solar panels are meant to last 35-40 years into the future after purchase. It is impossible to determine what percentage will be around with any type of accuracy since the industry is only around ten years old. However, we have a higher level of confidence in SunPower's panels lasting further off into the future after the power performance warranty runs out simply due to their higher standard of manufacturing. The manufacturer's warranty is 15 years longer than the industry standard which gives the assurance to their buyers that this premium solar panel brand will last longer without experiencing failure. Over a long enough timeline, higher efficiency panels that last longer will eventually surpass standard model panels in terms of Return on Investment. Long-term investors are more likely to purchase SunPower and other high efficiency premium models to take advantage of better production as well as not worrying about panel durability.

At One Solar, we also educate our customers with the benefits of purchasing higher efficiency premium panels and make sure to give you the awareness that purchasing a higher efficiency panel will need fewer panels to create your desired electricity offset.

Contact One Solar today if you are simply looking to invest in the highest performing technology on the market and are willing to pay for the best to get a higher return on your investment.

Therefore, premium solar panel brands do cost more than standard panels initially. However, you also have to consider a few factors before purchase in order to make a value comparison. You will need to purchase fewer premium panels than standard for your array when you go to install based on higher efficiency. Premium panels also come with a longer and more extensive manufacturer's warranty, so you have a longer time frame to be covered in the event that something goes wrong. Premium solar panel brands also come with an assurance and reliability that they will honour their extensive warranties to guarantee their customers a peace of mind. These solar panels will also last for longer into the future beyond the manufacturing warranty without wearing out due to their higher durability, so the real cost advantage is in the years of production that will be expected several decades into the future.

Contact One Solar for a free quote on premium solar panels which can offer a substantial value over the life of your solar energy system. That value will not be as pronounced in the first few years of owning your system because of the higher investment they require, but will eventually be seen over the system's lifespan.

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