Advantages of Premium Solar Panels

Once you make the decision to go green and begin your journey towards harnessing clean energy with the installation of solar panels on the roof, premium solar panels should be the go-to solar panels for residential or business installations if you want to eliminate the likelihood of future problems in your solar systems. Just by investing slightly more in a premium solar panel brand, you can be guaranteed a more advanced performance, quality, durability, and warranty.

The main differences between premium solar panels and standard solar panels comes down to three main factors:

  • Cost
  • Efficiency
  • Usage

When talking about premium solar panels, Sun Power comes at the top of the list and is considered as one of the leading solar panel brands. SunPower has established its popularity as a premium solar panel in the solar market, so much so that it is also known as the “Rolls Royce” of solar panels. Sunpower offers an impressive 25-year manufacturer's warranty. This impressive long warranty is one of the biggest reasons for their high price tag. This goes along with their 25-year power performance warranty. With the industry standards being 12- 15 year manufacturer's warranty, the long warranty offered by SunPower gives it a higher reputation in the solar market.

SunPower Solar panels have a lower failure rate than other cheaper standard panels available in the Australian market. The company claims that their manufacturing design eliminates 85% of the reasons conventional solar cells tend to fail.

It’s impossible to determine with 100% accuracy the maximum efficiency of solar panels. The majority of solar panels are meant to last at least 20-25 years into the future after purchase. However, the Sunpower solar panels have proved themselves over the years and give their customers a higher level of confidence in lasting further into the future after the power performance warranty runs out. And this is due to their higher standard of manufacturing and their favourable reputation to honour their warranties.

SunPower panel model X22 series has an efficiency of 22.8%. A higher efficiency solar panel means that you will be generating more electricity with having to install fewer solar panels. SunPower generates 21.5% more energy than a value for money panel brand like Canadian Solar. SunPower's E20 series solar panels cost more than a dollar more per watt than the other brands available in the market.

In addition to providing higher efficiency, with premium solar panels fewer solar panels are required to create the desired electricity offset. For roofs where there is limited space for installing solar panels, it can sometimes be the best option to install premium panels which provide higher efficiency with fewer panels to achieve the offset your quarterly electricity bills.

Premium solar panels are especially attractive to people who are interested in installing the highest performing technology on the market and are willing to pay for the best.

Although the upfront investment with premium solar panels will be higher than standard panels, they have proven to give higher return on investment while promising reliability and efficiency. Premium solar panels are more efficient, durable, and hold a better warranty. Because of these reasons, premium panels can offer a substantial value proposition over the life of your solar energy system. While you may not realize the gains during the first few years of owning your system, you will eventually see them over the system's lifespan.

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