Review on SMA Solar Inverter

SMA is a producer and manufacturer of solar inverters for photovoltaic systems with grid connection, off-grid power supply and for systems with backup operations. This company has offices across the globe in 18 countries. When considering a quality solar power system for installing at your residence or place of work, SMA is one of the most reputable solar inverter brands which has had 35 years of experience and has a sleek craftsmanship and a comparatively invincible energy capacity. SMA is a solar inverter company which is based in Niestetal, Germany and is considered one of the top 2 solar inverter manufacturers in the world with top quality string inverters. And have also manufactured various other types of inverters like hybrid solar inverters, microinverters etc. SMA has sold more than 750,000 in Australia and has a satisfied customer base across Australia.

Performance of SMA inverter

The Sunny Boy 5.0 is the flagship solar inverter manufactured by SMA which shows a maximum efficiency of 97%. This efficiency has given this solar inverter a highly reputable status in the solar industry and is regarded as one of the most premium solar inverter brands in Australia. The average efficiency of all SMA Solar inverter models fluctuates between 97.8 to 98%.

In terms of warranties, the SMA solar inverters usually come with a five-year warranty with an additional option to extend it to 10,15, and 20 years. It is important to keep in mind in relation to the warranty offered by SMA that any issues related to physical damage, alteration or unauthorized perpetration can lead to automatic termination of the warranty. Any product related to defects or on-site shipment will be borne by the warranty cost.

SMA offers a unique battery management system with their Sunny Boy storage 3.7/5.0/6.0. These are not integrated battery systems, but rather they can accommodate up to three high voltage batteries to supply the essential electricity in case of a blackout or grid failure.

SMA Shadefix software is a unique feature offered by SMA which is a sophisticated piece of software. The SMA Shadefix tracks down the affected or shaded panels and then diverts them to the right path to reach your home appliances. In fact, the TS4-R optimizer is used, along with Shadefix to pass some current into the shaded panels and brings some power back to the inverter for more AC production.

Sunny Boy is one of the most quality solar inverter manufacturers in Australia due to their excellent performance and premium workmanship. The solar inverter is the most important part of any on-grid solar power system. The solar inverter can be considered the “brain” of any solar power system which makes it crucial for all solar buyers to consider only quality and reliable options to guarantee long term benefits. Due to extreme weather and large variations in temperature, it is not unusual for a solar inverter mounted outdoors to experience a fault at some point during its 10+ year lifetime. However, the life of a solar inverter can be significantly increased by locating it indoors like inside a garage, under a carport and out of direct sunlight. Most importantly, the hot afternoon sun should always be avoided. If direct sunlight cannot be avoided then a protective sun cover will help prolong the life of the solar inverter.

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