Longi Solar

LONGi is a leader in the photovoltaic industry with product innovations that combine breakthrough monocrystalline technologies and an optimised power-cost ratio. LONGi supplies more than 30GW of high-efficiency solar wafers and modules worldwide yearly, about a quarter of global market demand. It is recognised as the world’s most valuable solar technology company with the highest market value. Innovation and sustainable development are two of LONGi’s core values.

Jinko Solar

JinkoSolar is a manufacturer of solar-oriented materials and photovoltaic frameworks. They offer monocrystalline ingots, polycrystalline ingots, monocrystalline and polycrystalline wafers, intersection boxes and solar oriented cells with a force extending from 20 to 260 Wp. The assembly line of JinkoSolar is completely vertically coordinated and ensures the generation of 2.1 GW of photovoltaic modules and 2 GW of wafers, PV cells and silicon ingots.

Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar is a producer of Tier 1 panels with a 10 year warranty. Most of their panels are certified as corrosion resistant and are suitable for installation anywhere in Australia. Their Australian headquarters are based out of Melbourne.

Aleo Solar

Aleo Solar is committed to providing high-power solar energy solutions that are efficient and reliable. They manufacture premium photovoltaic panels, made in Germany and designed to offer a hassle-free solar experience.

Qcells Solar

Hanwha Q CELLS Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of photovoltaic (PV) solar cells. The cells are engineered in Thalheim, Germany, which is where their headquarters for technology and innovation is based. A subsidiary of the Hanwha Group, the company has its headquarters in Seoul, South Korea and operates under brands Q CELLS and Hanwha Solar.

JA Solar

JA Solar designs and manufactures a range of photovoltaic products, from silicon wafers, cells and modules to complete power systems. And sell to over 100 countries. They have received global recognition as a leading manufacturer of solar products for their continuous technological innovations, solid financials, global sales and extensive customer service networks.

Astronergy Solar

Astronergy has established itself as a Tier 1 solar panel manufacturer of monocrystalline and polycrystalline PV modules. They specialise in cutting-edge research, development, and production of high-efficiency solar modules and have expanded production capacity from 25MW to 3000MW in step with the growing need to embrace clean energy.

Seraphim Solar

Seraphim Solar Panels is an internationally renowned solar manufacturer based in Australia. They produce a variety of solar panels, with silicon ingots produced in-house to ensure top quality products. They offer a 25 year performance guarantee along with a 10 year product warranty.

ET Solar

ET Solar is an internationally renowned producer of Tier 1 solar panels with a 10 year warranty, backed with a 25 year performance guarantee. They produce their own silicon ingots and cells, allowing them to strictly monitor the quality of their panels. They are known for innovative technologies including PERC Mono which allows them to produce extremely efficient panels for consumers at affordable price points.

Risen Solar

Risen Energy is a leading, global Tier 1 manufacturer of high-performance solar photovoltaic products and provides total business solutions for residential, commercial and utilities. Techno-commercial innovation combined with superior quality and skilled support make Risen Energy’s solutions some of the powerful and cost-effective in the industry. Risen is committed to building strategic, mutually beneficial collaborations with their partners.

Trina Solar

Trina Solar’s Honey solar cell innovation is a testament to Trina’s goal of constantly innovating and staying in the solar power business for the long haul. Trina Honey Solar Panels are the ideal choice for business applications with an estimated reach that is tantamount to or superior to other polysilicon sun based boards of the same size and offer a positive force resistance of 0-3%. Trina Solar's new Honey cells are more efficient and offer a world-record-setting power yield. Consolidated with Trina Solar's standard 10-year item and 25-year direct power yield guarantees, it is the choice.