Why go solar in 2022?

The benefits of solar power are numerous and the best part about solar power is that it is one of the most abundant energy resources on Earth. Switching to solar energy from non-renewable sources is a great alternative. Solar power continues to grow in popularity in Australia as a larger population begins to realize its benefits to the environment. Using solar power can be an excellent way to fight climate change and help reduce your home’s carbon footprint by a significant amount.

Solar power not only has enormous financial benefits, but there are many other valuable outcomes of switching to this green energy source with the installation of solar panels. We have listed a few benefits that come along with going solar and reasons why you should make this switch.

Free and abundant energy source

The sun is the largest source of free energy you can utilize on this planet. It can provide enough power in just one minute that can supply the world’s electricity needs for a year. The renewable energy resource like the sun is also a sustainable and inexhaustible resource. What’s more, the energy from the sun is available for all to use freely and in great abundance!

The benefits you can get from switching to solar power from traditional sources of power are best observed during the long run. The longer you use your solar power system, the more you can save money by significantly reducing electricity bills. Installing a solar power system makes for an excellent investment for your home.

Free from power outages

Long-distance electric transmissions can result in power losses. However, utilizing solar energy as an alternative power resource can help reduce electricity loss. Your rooftop solar power can also help increase electricity efficiency, especially on short distances. The energy generated from the solar panels installed on the roof of your home or business can help significantly lower your home’s electricity bills and power usage effectively.

Energy Independence from the grid

Traditional electricity is derived from non-renewable resources which are fast depleting and are responsible for our carbon footprint. The power generated by traditional sources of power is harmful to the environment since burning fossil fuels emits harmful greenhouse gases and other air pollutants. They also have limited resources which could result in a volatile market where energy prices become unpredictable.

However, utilizing solar energy can help boost your electricity independence. With the help of the installation of solar panels on the roof of your home or business, you can generate you’re your power and can begin experiencing a sense of freedom from the grid. Solar also helps protect yourself against the unpredictability of the increasing prices of electricity.

With the help of a solar power system and generating your own power can potentially help you to even reach an energy-independent status. This freedom from the grid can be achieved one step further by investing in a solar battery storage system in addition to a solar power system to help store extra solar energy for later use.

Beneficial for the environment

One of the primary benefits of utilizing solar energy for your home is that it can provide a clean, green source of power. The use of solar power is an excellent way to help reduce your carbon footprint and also lowers greenhouse gas emissions and other toxic chemicals.

Solar power is a self-sufficient renewable energy resource. Installing solar panels does not require much upkeep. Solar energy is also an excellent alternative energy solution that can efficiently provide power to your home.

In conclusion, solar power is a powerful energy resource that provides an excellent sustainable alternative source of electricity for your home. Solar energy provides a clean, green and abundant renewable source of power that can efficiently power your place cost-effectively. Contact One Solar today for a free quote on a solar power system for your home and begin taking steps towards great financial savings as well as contributing towards helping to preserve the Earth’s resources.

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