Best Solar Panels in Australia in 2022

Finding the best solar panels for your home once you make the decision to go solar and transition to a reliable energy source can feel like a challenge because of the large range of solar brands available in the Australian market. There are more than a hundred different brands of solar panels and other solar equipment on the market right now. At One Solar, we help potential solar buyers to consider only the most reliable and quality brands which are assured to give you a great return on your investment.

LG, Panasonic, REC, and Sunpower are widely considered to be some of the top solar panel companies currently in the market offering premium support and quality to their buyers.

There are many solar panels available to purchase and install. Out of all the companies currently making solar panels, the most premium and reliable solar panel brands currently being sold in the Australian market are:

  • SunPower
  • LG
  • REC
  • Hyundai
  • Winaico Gemini
  • Jinko N-Type

When discussing the best solar panels available in 2022, Sunpower, LG, REC and Hyundai are at the tope of the list due to the high efficiencies, competitive pricing, and stellar 25-year warranty offered by each brand. It is important to note that the impressive position of these solar panel brands and the reason for them to be considered some of the best solar panels currently available has been achieved through the durability and reliability they provide with premium protection and fair prices.

The most premium solar panels are made with premium monocrystalline solar cells. Monocrystalline cells are made with a single crystal of silicon instead of many silicon fragments melted together, as is the case with polycrystalline cells. This means that the cells are more efficient at converting sunlight to electricity, plus they have a sleek black tint to them. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the best solar panels in 2022 generally require a higher upfront investment.

Warranty on the best premium solar panels

A solar panel’s materials warranty (or equipment warranty) protects against equipment failure due to environmental factors or manufacturing defects. Based only on the longest materials warranties available from solar companies, here are the best solar panel manufacturers: SUNPOWER, LG, REC, PANASONIC, QCELLS.

Solar panel efficiency is affected by several factors—factors that can be impacted by your geographical location and climate. These factors affection solar panel efficiency include irradiance, shading, panel orientation, temperature, location and latitude, time of year, and dust and dirt. For example, if your roof is located in an area that doesn’t get a lot of sunlight and your home is prone to shade and overcast clouds, you’re not going to be able to produce as much clean energy for your home. When a panel is covered by shade, the power output is very low—even light shading can have a negative impact. In fact, subtle shading that covers a few cells or a single panel can reduce power output by 50% or more. This is why the orientation of your home in relation to the shade and wet weather patterns is so important.

Certain factors need to be taken into consideration when searching for the best solar panels for your home. These factors include the solar panel’s performance, quality, durability, and warranties. There are three major technical specifications that can help you as you make your decision: panel efficiency, temperature coefficient, and the materials warranty.

The most premium solar panels available in the market assure high performance, quality, durability and warranty and are definitely worth the premium investment.

The best solar panels offering the most premium quality and warranty do require a higher investment but guarantee the best results over the lifespan of the system.

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