Importance of installing Premium quality Solar Panels

It is important to invest in the right solar power system that has a reputation to provide excellent quality and high performance. When considering a solar panel or inverter brand, it is important to research the specifications of the respective brands to ensure you are making the right choice in a system which can guarantee you a good return on your investment and a brand which is committed to honour their warranties.

Here are some of the easiest criteria a new solar buyer can adopt while picking out the right solar panel for their home.

You have obtained the certificates, certificates of standards, laboratory test and the quote, then it will be wise to have a look deeply on the documents and brand specification sheet of the solar photovoltaic module and check the following factors -

The Warrantee:

A reliable and quality solar panel manufacturer will at least offer you a minimum guarantee of 25 years. It is important to ask the solar company, installer or the solar manufacturer how the warranties they place on their product can be claimed. Make sure the warranties specify that it is on labour and parts to help you save future costs over any technical failure or issues.

The Cost of the solar panel:

The cost of a solar photovoltaic panel can make it either more attractive to a larger population or can turn them away. However, it is important to note that all new solar buyers should beware of very low prices on solar panels as this is usually a sign of low quality equipment. Such brands also offer very questionable warrantees and don’t have the reputation to honour them.

The reputation of the solar panel manufacturer:

It is important to research a solar panel manufacturer’s reputation before making a purchase. It is useful to note information like the financial status of the company, how long a particular panel brand has been in the field of producing solar photovoltaic panels, and to consider the design of the website and reviews on the manufacturers’ customer service and aspects dealing with the warranty can help you out in your future dealings should you face any problems with your solar panels.

Solar Panel Technology:

Solar cells can be Polycrystalline or Monocrystalline. Polycrystalline solar panels have blue cells made of multiple silicon crystals, and they are less efficient but more affordable. Monocrystalline panels have black cells made of single crystals, and they offer a higher efficiency at a higher price. It is important to keep these factors in mind to make sure the solar panel technology you choose meets your needs, expectations and is adapted to provide optimal solar production.

Solar panel Efficiency:

The performance of a solar PV panel varies according to several determining factors, but generally it is between 12 and 20%. All premium solar panels that ensure long term performance, will have a higher maximum efficiency. However, if the available space on your roof for installing solar panels is limited, it would be a better choice to go with high performance solar panels to ensure that the limited space available is put to good use and gets you optimal production and maximises your savings and benefits.

Temperature coefficient:

The temperature coefficient of a solar panel tells you the electrical behaviour of your solar panel from a standard operating temperature of 25 °. The units of this coefficient is expressed in “% by ° C”, so the lower the coefficient, the better the solar panel is. On the other hand, the higher the number, the less the photovoltaic module will produce in case of strong heat or at the beginning of the afternoon.

A high temperature coefficient is a sign of a lower quality solar panel. A reasonable number is around 0.5%, also the best solar panels down to 0.3% while 0.7% indicates a poor coefficient in terms of performance and thus a photovoltaic equipment not very reliable.

Solar panel frame and design:

Visually a premium quality solar panel frame should result in an exemplary finish. Angled contacts must be joined and anodised to ensure corrosion protection. Finally the edges must not be sharp and the design must be refined for aesthetic integration on a roof to deliver a premium finish.

Only after examining all these factors with careful detail and attention should you decide upon the right solar panel brand for your home to yield long term returns and hassle free dealing with the manufacturer.

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